It starts with a question…

“Who are you … really?” Because once you know who you are, you win differentiation and gain intrigue. Once your salon or spa truly understands its unique purpose, it can express that in a charismatic way that converts customer intrigue to action. And when you believe in why what you do matters to people, you can turn customer action into repeated action and trust.

There’s no undying love for your salon or spa without first building a beautiful reputation full of earned trust—and that’s what Socialicia does!

Socialicia is about working with you to discover, define and express your salon or spa’s unique qualities to attract the right customers and form a bond between you and those who will be fiercely loyal to your beauty business brand.

You’ve got an awesome beauty business

A day spa, a hair salon, or something of the like; you’re responsible for a beauty business brand and appreciate the value of deep, emotional connections with your customers.

I’m Alicia, a beauty business brand builder!

More than 20 years working, running and growing beauty businesses, I help define and build beautiful reputations for salons and spas to attract the right customers.

And we’ve got some work to do, you and I

Together, you and I will take a deep dive into your beauty business’s purpose, values and identity to fish out that unique quality that wins you customer love and sets you miles apart from would-be competitors.

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